Welcome to American Global Group, your trusted partner in seamless and efficient cargo transportation services. Specializing in  air, ocean, and land freight solutions, we connect Armenia with the United States. Our expertise extends to managing international cargo transportation, ensuring your goods move smoothly from any country in the world to your chosen destination.

When and how did American Global Group’s success story begin

Vardan Onanyan

Mikayel Hayrapetyan

The journey began in 2011 when co-founder Vardan Onanyan was visiting the United States, while the other founder, Mikayel Hayrapetyan, was living there. They had previously transported cars from the USA to Armenia for personal use, an experience that unexpectedly became the foundation for a successful business venture. Using their knowledge and ideas, they established Global USA in the United States and American Global Group in Armenia. The companies started by purchasing vehicles from American auctions and shipping them to Armenia. The founders soon questioned why they should only import cars. This led to the expansion of their services to include cargo shipping. Only after securing a strong presence in both ocean and land transportation, the company expanded into air transportation as well. This allowed thousands of people and companies to meet their shipping needs through air, sea, and land routes.

Our projects


Ship2arm is a platform for sending parcels from the USA to Armenia, as well as for seamless purchases from American online stores with  delivery to Armenia. Developed in collaboration with Global USA, Ship2arm aims to streamline the parcel delivery process.
When you sign up on our platform, you’ll receive a unique personal code, granting you access to our flexible discount system and exclusive promotions. Additionally, you’ll be provided with an address, simplifying online purchases from top American retailers without any complications or intermediaries. For more info, please visit Ship2arm.com


Armenian Business Corner provides a practical platform for showcasing Armenian brands in the USA, supporting various businesses and artists while fostering Armenian-American economic relations. Every six months, we feature a new group of 36 brands at our exhibition, allowing each brand sufficient time to explore opportunities and enabling attendees to engage and potentially collaborate with them. Got interested? Visit the website for more details.

Shopinarmenia.com is an online platform dedicated to showcasing the unique values and products of Armenia and Artsakh to a global audience. Here, you can discover and purchase authentic goods crafted by skilled producers from Armenia and Artsakh.

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